Coronavirus: 9 Hand Sanitizers May Be Toxic, FDA Says

By Ron Brackett

June 30 2020 08:45 AM EDT

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As millions of Americans continue to search out ways to stay safe from the COVID-19 pandemic, the Food and Drug Administration issued a warning that nine brands of hand sanitizer could be toxic, all of which were made in Mexico and might contain methanol.

All nine hand sanitizers are manufactured by Eskbiochem SA de CV in Mexico, according to the FDA release. The use of methanol as an ingredient in hand sanitizers is forbidden because of its toxic effects, the release also stated. The nine products that prompted the warning are:

-All-Clean Hand Sanitizer (NDC: 74589-002-01)

-Esk Biochem Hand Sanitizer (NDC: 74589-007-01)

-CleanCare NoGerm Advanced Hand Sanitizer 75% Alcohol (NDC: 74589-008-04)

-Lavar 70 Gel Hand Sanitizer (NDC: 74589-006-01)

-The Good Gel Antibacterial Gel Hand Sanitizer (NDC: 74589-010-10)

-CleanCare NoGerm Advanced Hand Sanitizer 80% Alcohol (NDC: 74589-005-03)

-CleanCare NoGerm Advanced Hand Sanitizer 75% Alcohol (NDC: 74589-009-01)

-CleanCare NoGerm Advanced Hand Sanitizer 80% Alcohol (NDC: 74589-003-01)

-Saniderm Advanced Hand Sanitizer (NDC: 74589-001-01)

"Consumers who have been exposed to hand sanitizer containing methanol should seek immediate treatment, which is critical for potential reversal of toxic effects of methanol poisoning," the FDA said in its advisory. "Substantial methanol exposure can result in nausea, vomiting, headache, blurred vision, permanent blindness, seizures, coma, permanent damage to the nervous system or death."

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