Manage Data Rights

Easily manage website permissions and preferences or request data related to the use of this website on this browser.

Request a Portable Copy of Data

Browser Data

We use data on your browser to offer features on this website. We do not store this data, but we can offer a view of your browser data at any time.

Trusted Partner Data

When you grant permission, we may share data with trusted partners, who help us improve your experience on our website. Learn more in our Privacy Policy.

To request this data, please . We won’t use your email for any purpose other than to provide you with a copy of your data.

How to Correct Data

Correcting your website preferences such as language, units of measure or weather locations is simple and secure. Follow the instructions below:

Units of Measure

To change your temperature unit:

  • Go to the upper right corner of any web page, next to the Menu; there you’ll find an “F” (Fahrenheit) or “C“ (Celsius) dropdown.
  • Select the temperature unit you prefer.

Country and Language Preference

  • Go to the upper right corner of any web page and look for a globe icon.

  • Select the globe icon and then choose your region (Americas, Africa, Asia Pacific, Europe and Middle East).

  • Choose a country and language.

Weather Forecast Locations

To add a saved weather forecast location:

  • Tap the search magnifying glass at the top of any web page and search for a location–for example, “Atlanta, GA”

  • The location you search for will be displayed as your current weather location.

  • Continue to search for additional locations; each location you search for will be saved in its own weather location tab.

To delete a saved weather forecast location:

  • Select a saved location from the weather location tabs at the top of a web page.

  • Click the options icon (three vertical dots) and select “Remove.”

How to Manage Permissions

You can manage much of your data for this website simply by updating your browser settings. For example, you can delete data that’s currently stored on your browser by clearing your cache or cookies – and you can also enable or restrict the information that’s stored by updating your permissions.

Delete Data

During your use of this website, data may be stored on your browser or by our trusted partners.

  • To delete browser data: Follow the instructions for your specific browser to delete or clear data.

  • To request data deletion by trusted partners: Click the following button. Your deletion request will be submitted promptly.

We care about your privacy and are committed to helping you manage your privacy rights. To learn more about how we use data collected from this browser and our commitment to protecting your privacy, visit our Privacy Policy.